Dental Crowns Will Give You Something To Smile About

Close up of a woman who is smiling with beautiful teeth and holding a golden crown upon her head.

At Dental Illusions, our dentist in Houston (77098) follows the golden rule: we treat our patients the way we would like to be treated. It’s important to us to provide you with real information, explain our recommendations, and give you time to absorb them before making treatment decisions. We understand that just as milestones like marriage, graduations, and retirement involve planning, ensuring your smile will last through your lifetime takes some forethought too. That’s where we would like to help you. In today’s blog, we’d like to tell you more about dental crowns – a beautiful, natural-looking solution to aged or damaged teeth.

Are Your Teeth Showing Your Age?

If you’re concerned that damaged, discolored, or missing teeth are making you look older and less healthy, there are effective ways to restore your smile. Crowns can do wonders for smile makeovers and can boost your self-confidence.

What you need to know about dental crowns: 

  • Crowns are used to restore and strengthen damaged, misshapen, or discolored teeth, or teeth whose strength is compromised by too many fillings or have undergone root canal therapy.
  • They can cover unsightly stains, correct the appearance, or align the look of your smile.
  • When used in combination with a bridge or dental implant, they can make you look more youthful by replacing missing teeth, restoring your natural face shape, and repairing your bite.

How to care for them:

  • Brush twice a day and floss daily as usual – dental crowns need no special care, which is why so many people love theirs!
  • Visit our dentist in Houston (77098) regularly. We will check your teeth and crown restoration to ensure there are no issues that need attention.

Restorative dentistry has come a long way. Your overall quality of life can be enhanced by replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth  by combining beauty, strength, and practicality for increased confidence ... so you can carry on with your life without worrying about your dental health or beautiful smile.

As part of your healthy lifestyle team, we will advise you on the best, most cost-effective way to improve your smile. Dental enhancements like crowns are a great self-investment. You’ll look terrific, enjoy a confident smile, and situate yourself wisely to benefit wholly in both oral and overall health!

You don’t have to live with damaged teeth because dental crowns will improve the esthetics and function of your smile, while boosting your self-confidence. Look younger tomorrow by making plans today. We’re here to discuss the option that’s best for you. Call us to arrange your consultation so you can be smiling with radiant confidence for your many tomorrows to come!

Yours in continuing oral health,
Dr. Basil Moukarim, your dentist in Houston (77098), and the team at Dental Illusions