Transform Your Smile With Invisalign

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  • Correct issues with misalignment and crowding
  • Address an improper bite
  • Feel confident while you undergo orthodontic treatment
  • Maintain your oral hygiene habits with removable liners
  • Prioritize your smile in the short and long term!

If you're interested in straightening your smile, Invisalign treatment may be the solution you're looking for. A popular orthodontic treatment that can help correct a wide range of dental issues, including crowding, misalignment, and an improper bite, many patients opt for this system due to the fact that it’s virtually invisibly, enabling them to smile with confidence throughout their treatment.

What’s involved with the Invisalign process?

Once you've been confirmed to be a candidate for Invisalign, our dental professionals will take impressions, x-rays, and photos of your teeth. A series of clear, customized, removable aligners will be created by the Invisalign team that will gradually straighten your teeth over a series of months. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move - little by little, week by week - until they're straight.

What benefits does Invisalign offer over traditional braces?

There are many benefits associated with Invisalign treatment, including the fact that it's:

- Comfortable: There are no metal brackets or wires to irritate your gums and cheeks.

- Removable: You can take them out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

- Convenient: You can continue doing all the things you love without having to change your lifestyle.

- Clear: Virtually invisible, so people may not even know you're wearing them.

If you're considering Invisalign treatment, call us today and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation that will help determine if Invisalign is the right orthodontic option for you!